Un artículo de Manuel DeLanda, del 2001, titulado «El acceso abierto: un movimiento en busca de una filosofía» / «Open-access: a movement in search of a philosophy»

«The hacker movement referred to by the term «open-source» has burst into public consciousness in the last few years due to its spectacular success in the production of reliable and robust software. Perhaps the most obvious symptom of this success is the fact that open-source software in several key areas (operating systems, server software) is the only serious alternative to the domination of the market by large corporations like Microsoft. Its paradigm of software production, collectively-created programs in a process where users are also (to different degrees) developers, has gone beyond the expectations of most analysts, and taken by surprise most corporate managers many of which (at corporations like IBM and SUN) are rapidly switching from proprietary standards to open systems.»

Manuel DeLanda’s Full article/ El artículo completo de Manuel DeLanda, aquí: https://www.cddc.vt.edu/host/delanda/pages/opensource.htm