Sobre la transición del regimen fordista de acumulación al esquema postfordista actual…

por Juan Pablo Anaya

“I think that what characterises the transition from the fordist regime of accumulation to the present one (whatever you call it) is this: to speak about the change in the nature of work, what really characterises this transition is the fact that the main functions of fixed capital, of the machine, which had been hegemonic in the fordist period, have been transposed into the body of labour power. This is what I mean by the emergence of a new general intellect, post Grundrisse, post-Marx’s Grundrisse (when it was still fixed in fixed capital). Now what has allowed the overcoming of the crisis of fordism is this transposition of the functions previously fulfilled by fixed capital into the body of labour power. The previous general intellect is [now] in living labour. In that sense there is a becoming machine of the body of labour power. Which is also the basis of Luciana Parisi’s idea of vitalism in yesterday’s presentation and Tarde as interpreted by Lazzarato, and the theory of multitude theorised by Hardt and Negri.” Aquí: Por: Christian Marazzi