«¿Cómo verán las máquinas el mundo y a nosotros los humanos en él?»

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«On the surface, Paglen’s investigation of computer vision appears less political than the issues of government surveillance. Yet as his work probes the construction of this increasingly dominant point of view, we begin to understand the urgent and grave implications for our day-to-day lives. These machine-made images will, more and more, define many basic elements of our lives—how we move (self-driving cars), what we consume (automated assembly-lines and fulfillment centers), and even how we interact with one another (facial recognition as a means of social control). And disturbingly, these images will be produced and looked at only by other machines. We have seen the unsettling images of human drone operators turning contemporary battlefields into video game-like digital visualizations—but how will machines see the world and us human beings within it?»