Así el futuro de microempresarios de sí mismos trabajando para el capitalismo de plataformas: «conducir un Uber parte del día, rentar la cama disponible en casa en Airbnb, rentar parte del closet como lugar de amacenamiento en Amazon o alojar, por las noches, al dron que hace las entregas (también) de Amazon»

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«what neoliberalism’s further weakening of the social is likely to mean for the future organization of labor by examining data and information companies associated with the emergence of the corporate sharing economy. It focuses on the sharing economy because it is here that the implications for workers of such a shift to a postwelfare capitalist society are most apparent today. This is a society in which we are encouraged to become not just what Michel Foucault calls entrepreneurs of the self but microentrepreneurs of the self, acting as if we are our own, precarious, freelance microenterprises in a context in which we are being steadily deprived of employment rights, public services, and welfare support. Witness the description one futurologist gives of how the nature of work will change, given that 30 to 80 percent of all jobs are predicted to disappear in the next twenty years as a result of developments in automation and advanced robotics: “You might be driving Uber part of the day, renting out your spare bedroom on Airbnb a little bit, renting out space in your closet as storage for Amazon or housing the drone that does delivery for Amazon.”

Gary Hall, The Uberfication of the University.