¿Y qué tal si la revolución social y política entre los seres humanos deja la relación entre la especie humana y la vida en el mismo lugar? ¿Qué tal que el problema ante la catástrofe climática no fuera ya el de la justicia exclusivamente entre los humanos?

por Juan Pablo Anaya

“But what if the problem today were not that of a justice among humans? What if social political revolution among human beings were still to leave the relation between the human species and life in the same place? Today’s frequently cited Marxist cry—it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism —should be read as symptomatic. Should we not be more concerned with the world’s end than the relations among markets and individuals? The Marxist premise that we cannot save the world ecologically until capitalism is dealt with, should be questioned, and reversed: as long as we imagine life and the world to be primarily anthropogenic, or emerging from human meaning and history, we will not confront the disjunction between the human species (in all its modes) and the life that it regards as its own. A new mode of critique that would not be political would be required. Indeed, it is the political gesture, or the understanding of conflicts as ultimately intra-human, that needs to be questioned. One needs a hypo-Marxism or counter-Marxism whereby the very premise of Marxism—man as a laboring animal who furthers his own life—needs to be recognized as the limit of thinking. For what ‘we’ cannot accept is the obvious counter to this assumption: man is not an animal who furthers his own survival.”

Claire Colebrook, Death of the Posthuman, descargable aquí: http://openhumanitiespress.org/books/download/Colebrook_2014_Death-of-the-PostHuman.pdf