«La filosofía de Deleuze es ese momento en que la filosofía trascendental se voltea de cabeza y se convierte en un inmanentismo radical»

por Juan Pablo Anaya

Lucía, mi tesista, mi compartió en un foro, hace algunos años esta bonita síntesis de la filosofía de Deleuze:

“Deleuze’s philosophy is the point at which transcendental philosophy flips over into a radical immanentism, and empiricism into ethical experimentation. The Kantian imperative to understand the conditions of possible experience as if from outside and above transposes into an invitation to recapitulate, to repeat and complexify, at ground level, the real conditions of emergence, not of the categorical, but of the unclassifiable, the unassimilable, the never-yet felt, the felt for less than half a second, the new.”

(Brian Massumi, Parables of the virtual, p. 33).