Por una noción de técnica procesual, inmanente y ligada a la producción de acontecimientos

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«Experimental practice embodies technique toward catalyzing an event of emergence whose exact lineaments cannot be foreseen. As for Gilbert Simondon, the concept of technique as we use it includes the idea of the conditions through which a work or a practice comes to definite technical expression. Technique is therefore processual: it reinvents itself in the evolution of a practice. Its movement toward definite expression must be allowed to play out. Technique is therefore immanent: it can only work itself out, following the momentum of its own unrolling process. This means that what is key is less what ends are preenvisioned— or any kind of subjective intentional structure— than how the initial conditions for unfolding are set. The emphasis shifts from programmatic structure to catalytic event conditioning.»

(Erin Manning y Brian Massumi)