Charlie Parker, «Lover Man», 1946

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«Charlie Parker’s behavior became increasingly erratic. Heroin was difficult to obtain once he moved to California, where the drug was less abundant, so he used alcohol as a substitute. A recording for the Dial label from July 29, 1946, provides evidence of his condition. Before this session, Parker drank a quart of whiskey. According to the liner notes of Charlie Parker on Dial Volume 1, Parker missed most of the first two bars of his first chorus on the track, «Max Making Wax». When he finally did come in, he swayed wildly and once spun all the way around, away from his microphone. On the next tune, «Lover Man«, producer Ross Russell physically supported Parker. Charles Mingus considered this version of «Lover Man» to be among Parker’s greatest recordings, despite its flaws.» (Wikipedia)