¿Qué historias emergen de todos estos retazos…?

por Juan Pablo Anaya

“So many things are being recorded…
numbers, locations, names,
dates, times, directions.
Massive amounts of data
are being collected and stored.
And what kind of information is this?
Fragmented conversations
full of jump cuts and distortions.
And what are the stories that emerge
from these fragments?
And why are they being collected?
And it’s only when you commit a crime
that the data is put together
and your story is reconstructed,
A portrait of you made up of data trails…
the places you went,
the things you bought,
the pictures you took,
the e-mails you sent.
And like Kierkegaard said,
«Life can only be understood backwards;
but it must be lived forwards.»

Laurie Anderson