Sobre la libertad y el acontecimiento, por Brian Massumi

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«Freedom is not a property of a subject. There is no pure capacity of decision unmarked by necessity. Freedom is an achievement, attained of necessity. It is not exercised, it is invented, through the enabling modulation of constraints. Its invention is situational. Situations are eventful. And events are relational. Subjects don’t decide in a vacuum. Events decide, in relation. Freedom pertains not to the individual, but to process. Freedom is the transindividual autonomy of the affective process to generate surprises. It is not without physicality – but it constitutes a triumph of mentality (once again by its affective-processual definition as the capacity to surpass the given and generate the new). Do not protest your freedom. Enact surprise. Speculate that.»

Massumi, The Politics of Affect.