Bifo escribe sobre «Plan por el planeta» de Guattari (me lo pasó Canek)

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«In Plan pour la planète (1980), Guattari investigates the twisting geopolitical scene from the point of view of the unconscious, the far-seeing energy of the imagination. Everybody in those years was focusing on Cold War polarization, on the race to develop new weapon systems, on the danger of a Third World War.

On the contrary, in this book Guattari focused on the growing integration of the world economy, dismissing the rhetoric of nuclear danger. The subtitle of Plan pour la planète is “le capitalism mondial intégré,” or “integrated global capitalism.” An apparently delirious stance, it has shown itself to be more and more farsighted in the decades since.

There will be no war between the US and the Soviet Union, Guattari said in this small book. On the contrary, there will be integration. Félix wrote this text at the beginning of the 1980s, a decade that ended with the collapse of the Soviet empire and marked a preamble to a process of globalization that reached its peak in the second decade of the new century.»

Me lo pasó Canek, Bifo escribe sobre «Plan por el planeta» de Guattari: