«No ser idéntico a uno mismo, abrazar e intensificar las crisis, transformar los pequeños cambios en otros más amplios, entre otras estrategias: uno no tendría que simplemente observar estos fenómenos, uno tendría que performarlos y explorarlos a la manera de un actor»

por Juan Pablo Anaya

«Me-ti said: it is advantageous, not merely to think according to the great Method but to live according to the great Method as well. Not to be identical with oneself, to embrace and intensify crises, to turn small changes into great ones and so forth – one need not only observe such phenomena, one can also act them out. One can live with greater or fewer mediations, in more numerous or less numerous relationships. One can aim at or strive for a more durable transformation of one’s consciousness by modifying one’s social being. One can help to make the institutions of the state more contradictory and thereby more capable of development.»

Bertolt Brecht